stephanie h. shih is a communication solutionist.

she thinks about the internet involuntarily and compulsively. she believes in the power of smart branding, personal and otherwise. she can brainstorm clever solutions to strange problems with the best of them. she has this recurring dream in which technology and creativity fix everything.

her last name is pronounced like the pronoun and she likes laffy taffy even though she has no sense of humor.

what do you do for work?

as a copy director for startups at the intersection of lifestyle and tech like paperless post and plated, i lead editorial teams and oversee every type of messaging from blog content to brand marketing, product wording to pr communications, social media to style guides.

what pleases you?

sharing food as a form of communication. completing the new york times crossword (thursday to saturday). hand-building and painting ceramic ware and sculptures that feel organic and modern. addressing my cat's unreasonable need for attention.

what's your cat's name?

trout fishing in america.